Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Take her at face value lest ye gamble with her heart

One so different and so real you knew it from the start

She has shown you how to love for real with dignity and respect

And taken your heart into hers forever what more could you expect

It's too easy to second guess when your life has been a mess

Some of us let the real thing get away without even taking a guess

While others ponder the significance of true love, never experiencing the bliss

Wandering aimlessly cut off from their heart heading for a near miss

While I use to be one of them, today I pity they that can't see their fire

After time all doubt washed away we are left with true devotion

A feeling of blessed awakening erupts into all emotion

I surrender willingly knowing there can be no other

Who amongst them could ever doubt this is my one true lover

How do I repay this incredible heart for showing me the meaning of life

I guard her heart back with my life and treat her with utmost respect

For you see for me there has never been anyone close that I've ever met

Who could ever hold a candle to her love devotion and fire

A gift so bold and precious given with so much desire

Deserves to be pampered admired and honored each day that we live

This I ask for in return for I have nothing more to give.


  1. The man I love has proven himself worthy
    His heart is pure, deep and true.
    I trust him with more than just my life.
    I trust him with my heart, with all that makes me real.

  2. The woman I love is better than him and as it should be.
    The lessons she has taught him have helped make it possible
    for him to be this pure and true to his heart as well as protective
    of hers. He owes you his life of abundance that you have shown
    him how to open.

  3. The two, a beautiful combination, such lovely words shared both smile on my day! =)) so sweet!!!!!!!! ~April

  4. Ahh April. I'm glad we both got to smile on your day. That's very sweet of you to say :))

  5. Such beautiful words, Most wonderful to wake up and read. Will think back on this all day, Thank you for sharing such beauty

  6. Thank you Cathy for you kind words and thoughts.
    In all honesty, it's not easy sharing things so personal, but the rewards for doing so far outweigh the fears.