Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I never knew what true love was until I met you

Sure we all have heard that it exists but until you experience it yourself

you have no clue. My love brings to me such precious moments I cannot express how

it makes me feel. I will try. Whenever we are together, we constantly speak or think the

same thought almost simultaneously. It blows me away sometimes how in tune we are to each others

thoughts. It's as if we are both one mind, two people as one mind, soul, love working in complete

harmony. In most relationships, things usually progress to a certain plane then level off or become

stagnant. In ours, things just keep growing stronger and deeper, the bonds keep developing between us.

Is it perfect? No, we have been through some really tough threatening things that almost broke us apart.

Because of the incredible bond we have, we have been able to work past those differences and have

grown even stronger because of them. It takes work and dedication to keep things moving forward.

I know now that what we have was not started from a chance meeting. It as if there were outside guidance

or intervention. How else can you explain two people who were so far distanced from each other yet going

through almost identical experiences should come together forming this incredible bond?

As we move forward from this time on, we will not let our love be denied. We have put in years of wasted

time, and energy spent to get very little in return. We have lived empty lives, always feeling the compromise.

Opportunities to live the life as it was meant to be, don't come along that often and this one that we have

before us, only comes once in a lifetime. We will not be suppressed!

As our favorite muse songs says:

"They will not force us

They will stop degrading us

They will not control us

We will be victorious, so come on"

Hey Hey, Hey, Hey....

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  1. Incredibly beautiful a love...perhaps as I've written in regards to..yours and hers, the "Affinity of Love" ...truly a fantastic feel it must be...:) so enjoyed reading and hearing of this special placement of shared hearts, souls, minds, and bodies...~April~ p.s. much appreciate your kind commentary upon my blog.

  2. Thank you so much April :)
    I will take a second look for those of yours.
    I enjoy your blog very much. My love is an artist too. Maybe sometime I can talk her into doing a collaboration piece... :)
    I look forward to your continued support and mutual appreciation.

  3. Baby, you know I find it hard sometimes to comment on your writing. Usually because I'm catching my breath.
    We have a long road my love, but victory is assured.

  4. I know baby!
    No matter how long the road is that leads
    us together, we are waiting there with open arms...