Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I was soaring so high

bound to hit something

should have seen it coming

I disappointed, I made sad

all I wanted was to feel secure

long distance gaps, feeling the strain

needing the touch, the sight, her fragrance

should have just gone with the flow, why did it go astray

inner workings short circuited again

bring back the moment, instant replay, rewind, do over

truth is I knew all along there was no problem

why spill out the fear why question that which is secure

didn't mean any harm, no need for alarm

when will the last ounce of doubt be removed from my head

heart failed me again

or was it just skip a bit when it should have jumped

forgiven for sure, disappointed yes

move back up into our bliss is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator


  1. Distance is cruel to true hearts.
    All too human doubt and fear.
    Hold fast faith and love.
    Soon we'll have forever.

  2. I hope so baby <3
    I'm holding fast :)

  3. =)You BOTH better keep believing!! YES hold fast! There was a poem which I wrote about closing distances, feeling, seeing, believing, far off..

    ~ would be nice if you both read if you haven't yet =) ~something truly special and worth holding onto ~sometimes hard to believe in what we can in it. Its reward can be more amazing than thought possible.
    ~ Hold true to the hearts of you, let everything else flow around as it may... :)~April

  4. Ahh April,
    that is so sweet of you to say. We are holding on
    with everything we have. It's so hard sometimes, but as you said the rewards are truly going to be amazing.
    We will read your post, and thank you again for
    all your support.:)

  5. Oh April, your poem is beautiful!!
    Thank you so much for sharing it. It speaks volumes for us.
    Life isn't always easy, but we're blessed with something so precious, and our future is looking bright.
    Thank you again

    ~ Leaving kisses for my baby xxxxxxx ~