Monday, December 20, 2010


It was another morning just like any other he had known.
Typical workday, up early rush around to get ready, take a few minutes to check emails.
Looking for that special one from his baby. Smiles as he finds it, his inspiration for the day.
Scrambles to finish breakfast, jump in the car and make the trek into work. Fights the traffic,
deals with the idiots of the roads and makes it to his office. peace, tranquility, he loves those first
moments of the day when nothing is happening....Yet.

He answers her emails. A daily ritual that he loves doing. Tells her everything will be so fine and they
just have to wait for that time when all their dreams can become realized. She tells him of her empty
nights of missing him, both hearts longing for the day when all of this loneliness will go away.
He assures her that his heart is hers completely.

The madness begins, something she said lingers in his mind, but there is much to do and people to care for.
He becomes lost in his work, trying to make sense of what he does. The reality of making the salary, to survive, to make ends meet, surely not what he'd like to be doing, but realizes it could be a lot worse.
Deals with deadlines, answers questions, guides the lost ones, this really isn't so bad, he convinces himself.

Lunchtime arrives finally. about to make a dash out the door to spend some time outdoors. to take in some fresh air, talk with some friends. Rant about everything that is wrong with the work, the usual.
Just before he leaves, a call comes. It is from the front desk informing him that he has a visitor. Slightly annoyed,
he asks who and says that he was just going to lunch you see. He is told she doesn't know who. He tells her he will be down.

He walks downstairs to the second floor reception area. He stares at the receptionist who points to the waiting room.
He looks toward the seating area and his heart jumps into his mouth, his knees become jelly. He does a double-take. He's completely flabbergasted. It is her! His own true love. After the initial look of surprise, his eyes soften and he rushes to her hoping his legs will carry him. Completely oblivious to anyone around him, he locks gaze with her eyes and takes her into his arms, kissing her softly at first, lingering, then madly, clinging to her close.
People around looking shocked at first, then smiles and affirmations. After what seems like eternity, he looks to her again almost speechless. How is this possible, how did you get here, all the questions of uncertainty rush to him, then he quickly dismisses them and meets her lips once again in a deep passionate blissful kiss.....
The thing that had been sticking in his mind all day up to then was her line in the email: I'll see you soon....when all times before it was always I wish I could be with you, if only we could be in each other's arms....I'll see you soon in your dreams...these were  recurring themes...

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  1. truth be told you helped kill a love piece by piece
    but place blame if it eases the hurt
    I wish you nothing but peace and happiness