Monday, November 28, 2011


She came into my life out of nowhere
Completely unexpected and catching my eye
She looked to me, struck my heart as if she had always been there
My heart melting, skipping a beat, could I even begin to try?
She moved slowly, smoothly gliding her fingers over her hips
Seductive, enticing, never breaking her gaze from mine
As she draws nearer, the sunlight reflecting off her sublime lips
I stand before her, knees slightly quivering, frozen in time
Moving slowly closer, longing  to connect, hoping this is not a dream
She continues to glide ever so near~leaning her face towards me
Meeting her lips, almost touching, brushes ever so slightly, my head gleams 
Fantasy slipping towards reality~touching her lips, can this be?
Hands slightly tremble, reaching out to embrace this new found love
Glimmering hands entwine~the circle completes, life-force joined as one
absorbed in golden light, merging together, beaming affirmation from above
Letting it begin, starting the journey of discovery under the sun. is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Time Well Spent

How much time must be spent waiting for the love of my life to be in my arms
Where two hearts so joined must remain separate, makes one wonder of the empty space inside
Knowing  her heart better than my own, feeling everything she does
Understanding the feeling is mutual, oh laws of the universe what must be done? 
How long must we wait?
Will we catch that break, be given the opportunity we deserve?
I would give anything for one hour of having her in my arms, knowing I could never let go
We will hold on to our dreams, our hopes, knowing it has to connect  somewhere in the scheme of things

Until then, I will go on exploring the depths of her mind, the scary realizations that we both are so alike
The comfort settling in that it is alright to remain open hearted
To carry on everything that we've started
She brings everything she feels open like a book
sometimes fearful of revealing her vulnerability
I assure her that her trust is joined with mine is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator

Sunday, September 11, 2011


While you tread lightly my heart pulls away
Barriers built for years to protect
only broken with regret
Feet itching to bolt, head making me stay
Breathe the small voice says
shudders ripple down my skin
Take a deep breath, and let it begin
The Qi begins to smooth the way
The wires spark, the signal transcends 
A jolt to the heart, disperses away the sin
Whispering winds wash it all away
Darkness turning into light
Electricity turning into a love so bright
The warm inviting yellow light behind her head
draws you to her arms as she leads you to bed is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator

Friday, September 2, 2011


When one starts looking inward, interesting strings of realizations start to surface
Truths lead to other self truths adding to your overall purpose
Honesty while a admirable trait, can bring the satisfaction one would expect
It opens up a new kind of freedom, no longer having to hide feelings or expectations
Letting go of disappointment opens up the door to pleasant surprises
Without having to wonder if someone will meet your desires
you can try to make someone else's desire.
Sometimes a common path, a joining force will allow each of you to collide
When that happens, something wonderful surges through both of you
Call it a connection, a joining of souls, a quiet whisper calling you together
An inner knowing that you are on the right path that feeling that that other person completes you
Nothing can compare when that touches you and no matter what happens it is definitely worth it
I hear a lot of people say not to fall in love that it only leads to hurt
All I can reply to that is not allowing yourself to feel the love and all it's majesty is a much more painful hurt and leaves you so empty and longing for more
Look at it this way if love were meant to last forever could it possibly have the power that it does
The intensity and the high being better than any drug or drink could ever come close to
Euphoria wasn't meant to last and love works very much the same
so what are you left with?
Commitment! you can honor love by keeping yourself committed and engaged
Sounds easy? It's not in the least
It takes a tremendous amount of work and dedication
Oh and you have to let go of your pride too
Pride will kill love faster than hate; let me assure you I have learned this the hard way
Jealousy will too but I think pride leads to jealousy
We all need to let go of our temptation to own something
Only a fool tries to own love
It cannot be done
We've all heard the expression stealing love or taking someones love
We all know one cannot take what isn't offered or given
Yes love can be a gift, a perfect gift indeed but never taken
It does seem though that love can be thrown away though in reality it is just our perception that has happened
The love is still there, it just happened to go out to the wrong connection
Never really lost, it just needs a little redirection and then magically seems to rekindle is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator

Saturday, August 13, 2011


We all know things are never as they appear.
when you see something you think is the truth, we must always remember that even our eyes can deceive us.
Hearing things is even more prone to misinterpretation and misunderstandings.
Let's face it, we really are only capable of knowing ourselves in every aspect and even then we can mislead ourselves.
You may have a long term relationship in whatever form, be it marriage, living together, having one on the Internet but no matter how long it lasts, do you really know all there is to know about that person.
I think not.
We all like to pride ourselves into thinking we do, but in reality we come into this world alone and we exit it alone.
What we can do in the short time we've been given, is to try to be the best person we can, to share as much of ourselves with those we love or care about. Nobody is going to know all your deepest darkest secrets and they shouldn't.
When a relationship ends, why do we look for reasons to justify the breakup or start thinking this person was not who you thought they were? 
We should concentrate on all the wonderful things we brought into this amazing time that was spent together and relish in the beautiful gift that it was.
In the end, these are the things that last and should be held onto with a happy heart, knowing you shared something extraordinary and beautiful. 
Why relationships can take a different path, you can never know for sure.
You can spend countless hours trying to rationalize and on some levels we need to do this in order to move on.
Trying to think the other person didn't live up to your expectations, or may have not been who you thought they were is not the best approach. 
Remember there are always two sides to every story, and that person may be feeling the same way you do.
Thinking that they moved on too easy is hardly ever the reality of it. I don't think two people who spend a great length of time together and shared so much can really have an easy transition toward moving on.
Speaking to a wide range of others in similar situations, leads to some conclusions that what you feel is not unique although certain aspects only you can feel.
Cherish what there was that was unique and know that it was never wasted time.
To love someone so deeply and not have it last forever hurts with such intensity.
To look at it as what if you had never shared this deeply with another person can be a much more fulfilling way to remember it.
Not everyone gets an opportunity like this in a lifetime. 
I choose to remember how intensely I loved, and that is something I can hold on to forever. is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Some say I’m just a flirt these days. I’ve been told that is part of my charm.
I do not know about these things and intention is not towards doing harm
I see where my circumstances have taken me
I cannot deny whatever price I have paid to be free
To some it may appear that I’m just wasting time
While to others it may look more like I’m heading towards a self destructive sign
My heart has been through so much lately that I feel out of control
Desperately clinging on to whatever semblance of familiarity can try to make it whole
One part wants a lover, while the other wants a mate.
Perhaps which path I take may lead to what is needed before it is too late
Some say we lead our way by predestined design
Others by a process of resign
I’m learning to give and take from what each has to give
I try not to ask for too much resolve and to live and let live
Try not to get yourself hurt friends have offered up as advice
Do whatever goodness you can and don’t leave things to their own device
What good can come from playing those who want a piece of you?
Giving in to desire can often lead to a false sense of what was never true
In the end we will be what we’ll be
Ask not for something that you cannot see
Steer away from a path of easy delights
Seek out a harder trail, one that will give your heart what it needs without taking too big a bite is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator

Friday, July 1, 2011


Soft sweet woman frail looking beware

Can you believe her deameaner of not having a care

Calculated cold steel gray eyes

alluring me with fear but beyond the surface they can't lie

The subtle yearning cannot be denied

you reach out to her although your heart be broken

Deep inside you pick up a healing soft voice calling to you

Listening, straining to give in to the frailty

Ripples of tingling energy splash against your head

reminding you once again everything is real and safe

You know this energy well, the same one you use to heal others

now is bestowed upon you by another

You take a chance again although you know you are not whole

something soft and safe gives you an inner glow

Where will this new found voice lead you, what adventures await

Reaching out your hand your takes hers entwined

Waves wash up your arms then down to flood your heart

The healing begins to pour out in tears

No longer feeling the fears

spilling over your body like tiny feathers teasing

Turning into a familiar warmth drawing you into her arms

Something begins to open up your heart just a little bit more

gazing into her deep green eyes you fall

Surrendering into your hearts delight

Suspended into thin air held by a revolving white light

The sun shines strongly on your face awakens you to the call

Another dream or another song 

Which is it to become is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


She couldn't wait for her man to be brave
Abandoned her dragon to his cave
Was it real or just out of need
Was it too hard to see past the sea
His heart lain open by all his doubts
Maybe it was too long to wait, maybe she just needed out
Time is suppose to heal or so I've been told
Then why does it hurt so much and make me feel so cold

I can't let her take all fault, I'm sure she tried to rationalize
In the end, the decision to move on seemed best to realize

I do know that I loved her truly with all of my heart
Knowing from the beginning it was sure to start
Never believed it could fall apart is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Heart revolving around the world
pulses closer to our love
will we meet at our destination
or be asked to wait longer testing our fascination
The heart wants what the heart knows 
The mind waits for a rational means to balance on our toes
How will we know when the time is right
Tie up all the loose ends and take flight
Oh to have everything we have been waiting for
We would be so happy to open that door
Our true love fulfilled at last
Moving forward into the future and never worrying about the past
Making a new life together so beautiful and pure
Building upon our love enough to endure
A love this special is so incredible to feel
The ability to feel everything this close to being so real
Will the years be kind to us, will we revel in the love
Our hope is to keep holding each other above
To be held is what we need now, and tomorrow's dream is to be held forever is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator