Friday, July 1, 2011


Soft sweet woman frail looking beware

Can you believe her deameaner of not having a care

Calculated cold steel gray eyes

alluring me with fear but beyond the surface they can't lie

The subtle yearning cannot be denied

you reach out to her although your heart be broken

Deep inside you pick up a healing soft voice calling to you

Listening, straining to give in to the frailty

Ripples of tingling energy splash against your head

reminding you once again everything is real and safe

You know this energy well, the same one you use to heal others

now is bestowed upon you by another

You take a chance again although you know you are not whole

something soft and safe gives you an inner glow

Where will this new found voice lead you, what adventures await

Reaching out your hand your takes hers entwined

Waves wash up your arms then down to flood your heart

The healing begins to pour out in tears

No longer feeling the fears

spilling over your body like tiny feathers teasing

Turning into a familiar warmth drawing you into her arms

Something begins to open up your heart just a little bit more

gazing into her deep green eyes you fall

Surrendering into your hearts delight

Suspended into thin air held by a revolving white light

The sun shines strongly on your face awakens you to the call

Another dream or another song 

Which is it to become is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator 


  1. Have you ever walked beside someone and realised that unconsciously you have fallen into the same pattern of step, the same footfall, the same rhythm?

    Then one or the other finds a roughness in the path, steps clear of it, but the melody is broken.

    You smile, knowing that for that moment you were part of someone's story and they part of yours.

  2. Yes Anonymous,
    I know what you mean.
    That moment of clarity or even
    memory can truly be a gentle reminder
    that you were able to touch another's
    heart. Thank you for your comment :)