Friday, September 2, 2011


When one starts looking inward, interesting strings of realizations start to surface
Truths lead to other self truths adding to your overall purpose
Honesty while a admirable trait, can bring the satisfaction one would expect
It opens up a new kind of freedom, no longer having to hide feelings or expectations
Letting go of disappointment opens up the door to pleasant surprises
Without having to wonder if someone will meet your desires
you can try to make someone else's desire.
Sometimes a common path, a joining force will allow each of you to collide
When that happens, something wonderful surges through both of you
Call it a connection, a joining of souls, a quiet whisper calling you together
An inner knowing that you are on the right path that feeling that that other person completes you
Nothing can compare when that touches you and no matter what happens it is definitely worth it
I hear a lot of people say not to fall in love that it only leads to hurt
All I can reply to that is not allowing yourself to feel the love and all it's majesty is a much more painful hurt and leaves you so empty and longing for more
Look at it this way if love were meant to last forever could it possibly have the power that it does
The intensity and the high being better than any drug or drink could ever come close to
Euphoria wasn't meant to last and love works very much the same
so what are you left with?
Commitment! you can honor love by keeping yourself committed and engaged
Sounds easy? It's not in the least
It takes a tremendous amount of work and dedication
Oh and you have to let go of your pride too
Pride will kill love faster than hate; let me assure you I have learned this the hard way
Jealousy will too but I think pride leads to jealousy
We all need to let go of our temptation to own something
Only a fool tries to own love
It cannot be done
We've all heard the expression stealing love or taking someones love
We all know one cannot take what isn't offered or given
Yes love can be a gift, a perfect gift indeed but never taken
It does seem though that love can be thrown away though in reality it is just our perception that has happened
The love is still there, it just happened to go out to the wrong connection
Never really lost, it just needs a little redirection and then magically seems to rekindle is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator

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