Monday, November 28, 2011


She came into my life out of nowhere
Completely unexpected and catching my eye
She looked to me, struck my heart as if she had always been there
My heart melting, skipping a beat, could I even begin to try?
She moved slowly, smoothly gliding her fingers over her hips
Seductive, enticing, never breaking her gaze from mine
As she draws nearer, the sunlight reflecting off her sublime lips
I stand before her, knees slightly quivering, frozen in time
Moving slowly closer, longing  to connect, hoping this is not a dream
She continues to glide ever so near~leaning her face towards me
Meeting her lips, almost touching, brushes ever so slightly, my head gleams 
Fantasy slipping towards reality~touching her lips, can this be?
Hands slightly tremble, reaching out to embrace this new found love
Glimmering hands entwine~the circle completes, life-force joined as one
absorbed in golden light, merging together, beaming affirmation from above
Letting it begin, starting the journey of discovery under the sun. is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Time Well Spent

How much time must be spent waiting for the love of my life to be in my arms
Where two hearts so joined must remain separate, makes one wonder of the empty space inside
Knowing  her heart better than my own, feeling everything she does
Understanding the feeling is mutual, oh laws of the universe what must be done? 
How long must we wait?
Will we catch that break, be given the opportunity we deserve?
I would give anything for one hour of having her in my arms, knowing I could never let go
We will hold on to our dreams, our hopes, knowing it has to connect  somewhere in the scheme of things

Until then, I will go on exploring the depths of her mind, the scary realizations that we both are so alike
The comfort settling in that it is alright to remain open hearted
To carry on everything that we've started
She brings everything she feels open like a book
sometimes fearful of revealing her vulnerability
I assure her that her trust is joined with mine is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator