Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reality of Fantasy

It used to mean a feeling of separation from friends, family, the self.
Now it means a loss of connection to the almighty Internet.
As if we are really connected anyways? With a global connection of false identities how does one know who is real and who is fake?
This wonderful curse we have bestowed upon ourselves to the point where millions believe this is some kind of real connection. I believe in it myself until some kind of changing event happens to wake yourself up to reality.
Real life is like a brick wall waiting to smack some sense into us. We should hit it willingly more often.
One of the great grounders that gives you instant realization. Of course if you want more gentle approach, one can try walking barefoot in the park or anywhere on mother earth for that matter.
One can think they know someone until that shift in the mundane routine slaps you in the face with a whole new awakening.

Does absence really make the heart grow founder? Not hardly these days.
It makes me more bitter, the realization that one may never live out the fantasy.
That what we hold on to with such diligence is merely a false hope.
Why we seek out someone so far and impossible to reach.
Is it the ultimate purity of knowing you may never reach them?
Or is it a safe way of giving yourself so completely without having to endure the  repercussions that are sure to follow.
But then again fantasies do come true sometimes and keeping dreams alive help to keep our souls healthy.
I will continue to live in my dreams and aspirations as that is what I'm made of and I cannot change who I am.
Why would I want to?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Let the games begin! Liars to the left, liars to the right. Who will be fooled this time around?
How many lies does it take to make a truth?
How much money does it take to win an election?
If elections can be bought and paid for. If people can be convinced to believe in lies.
If facts can be forgotten and memories about who did what corupted, it doesn't take much to see that nothing is really sacred in politics except the almight WINNING!

What a system of government we have that alludes everyone to think that anything really matters when in fact we are all just being made puppets by something greater than we can imagine pulling our strings or yanking our chains. Right or left, when either party does nothing but blame the other and each puts forth instiable energy into making the other look bad so that they don't have to do their fucking jobs.

It isn't hard to see that not much is sacred. Those who want you believe that they are the ones who will fix all that is wrong, beware,  for they are  exactly the ones who turned the tides of truth down the forbidden path in the first place. It isn't hard to see that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The kettle calling the pot black. We know these things, we've seen it  all before, so why do we allow ourselves to believe that this one time will be any different?

The Republicans have the audacity to call the Democrats bleeding heart liberals as if it is a dirty word.. Let me tell you something..if it were not for so called liberals, we'd still be under British rule cursing the bloody king and queen of England...
The Democrats don't point fingers as much, but still play the blame game quite well by saying that they, after all, didn't create the problems, they just inherited them. Without a backbone to  defend what they believe in and then refuse to band together so that they could possibly make a change, they remain useless.

What does that leave us with? a third party that nobody dares to follow because, God forbid, they couldn't possibly win! No wonder there is an mass conscious wave of apathy running across this country! 
To quote a moody bloody blue Britt from a song, although he was just speaking of the dawn
but that is what is in order perhaps. A glimmer of hope?

"Brave Hedius wake up your steads!
"Bring the warmth the countryside needs."

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Where does real love hide
Is it absorbed by the tide
Just what is happening to me
When will I know what is meant to be

Wandering from place to place
Seeking out answers lost in space
Dreams come true so I've been told
I hope I find out before I'm too old

Knowing a love so strong yet so far away
Wondering how to make it stay
Holding on with all my heart
Moving in steps to make it start

Live in what's real one keeps telling me
Wonder how real her world can be
Life and love exist in person indeed
We all seek the comfort that we need

The love I feel is just as real 
To want more with everything I feel
To move toward the one you know
Will complete you everywhere you go

No distance can keep you from true love
Only the good lord from above
What is meant to be will be
If we just listen and let it flow free

Thursday, February 16, 2012


One door closes..another opens
She draws me into her streaming trailing light
watching, carefully holding my heart hoping
You've been there so many times before to watch another heart take flight

Scrutinizing all things known, the urge to run so apparently clear
Why take another chance when you already know how it turns out
Facing your demons once again, you know they always think the worst
So easy to listen and walk away but fight them I must

Asking myself what could be different, what have I learned?
So tired of repeating the same mistakes over and over
Knowing sometimes I cannot see the greatness staring me right in the face
Perhaps pausing, listens to another inner voice

The softer inner calling, the one that drives the demons to silence
Moving from a soft whisper into the forefront of emotion
A wave of calm spirited ultra violet light surfaces
The purity so securely known brings the sign you've been waiting for

Pausing more, waiting, remembering patience, I reach out once again
She comes to me like a lost soul
I think to myself just another lost soul
Realization astounding me, she is not lost but finding herself finding me

As if we had connected before, only drawn together much stronger
Her soft consoling eyes let me be myself
The touch of her hand sends my demons away
Pulling her closer to my heart, all fear begins to vanish

I begin to realize that I am nothing without you
It's so easy to miss it when you don't know what to find
I don't want this feeling to go, so letting it take us where it may
Open hearts come together for a reason if we are able to see is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator