Thursday, April 12, 2012


Where does real love hide
Is it absorbed by the tide
Just what is happening to me
When will I know what is meant to be

Wandering from place to place
Seeking out answers lost in space
Dreams come true so I've been told
I hope I find out before I'm too old

Knowing a love so strong yet so far away
Wondering how to make it stay
Holding on with all my heart
Moving in steps to make it start

Live in what's real one keeps telling me
Wonder how real her world can be
Life and love exist in person indeed
We all seek the comfort that we need

The love I feel is just as real 
To want more with everything I feel
To move toward the one you know
Will complete you everywhere you go

No distance can keep you from true love
Only the good lord from above
What is meant to be will be
If we just listen and let it flow free


  1. Beautiful flowing words from a beautiful deep soul - I enjoy your prose very much!