Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reality of Fantasy

It used to mean a feeling of separation from friends, family, the self.
Now it means a loss of connection to the almighty Internet.
As if we are really connected anyways? With a global connection of false identities how does one know who is real and who is fake?
This wonderful curse we have bestowed upon ourselves to the point where millions believe this is some kind of real connection. I believe in it myself until some kind of changing event happens to wake yourself up to reality.
Real life is like a brick wall waiting to smack some sense into us. We should hit it willingly more often.
One of the great grounders that gives you instant realization. Of course if you want more gentle approach, one can try walking barefoot in the park or anywhere on mother earth for that matter.
One can think they know someone until that shift in the mundane routine slaps you in the face with a whole new awakening.

Does absence really make the heart grow founder? Not hardly these days.
It makes me more bitter, the realization that one may never live out the fantasy.
That what we hold on to with such diligence is merely a false hope.
Why we seek out someone so far and impossible to reach.
Is it the ultimate purity of knowing you may never reach them?
Or is it a safe way of giving yourself so completely without having to endure the  repercussions that are sure to follow.
But then again fantasies do come true sometimes and keeping dreams alive help to keep our souls healthy.
I will continue to live in my dreams and aspirations as that is what I'm made of and I cannot change who I am.
Why would I want to?