Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Trying To Connect With Body and Soul

I heard an interesting line from the movie Contagion.
“Blogging is not writing, it’s graffiti with punctuation.”
Well even given the circumstances of laying down the words to a world that seems to care less, we still try to leave a piece of ourselves behind, hoping that someone hears us.
I’ve been hooked on the Voice and one of the things that each of the coaches’ keep describing to the singers is the idea of opening your heart to the audience. It seems to be the way to allow your emotions to merge with the music. I’ve felt that energy, when singing and playing guitar. Sometimes the emphasis is felt more through the instrument and other times it is felt more through the singing. In terms of writing, for me, I tend to have the heart felt motion come through without the music first then I try to find a way to create the sound to go with it. I’m not sure that is the best way to go about it but I wish it all came together as one, at least once so I could experience what that feels like.
Trying to connect with body and soul and make sense of all the horrible things that have been happening lately in the world has left me profoundly perplexed. Maybe we are not supposed to try to make sense of anything that is going on, but when one tragedy hits one after another, the senses become dull and callous. I remember when I worked in downtown L.A. in skid row, there were so many troubled and sick individuals that I encountered every day, I became hard and unforgiving. It seemed so useless to try to console anyone, let alone myself. When feelings of despair overrun me, it’s like the emotional side shuts down. Creativity slows down too. I do not like being in that mode, as it goes against my nature. How do we reach out, when we feel things are becoming hopeless? Certain powers that be would like to eliminate all races except their own, in the name of religion. What kind of world would it be with everyone thinking, doing, exactly the same things. With all art, beauty of the world destroyed, how could they ever find any inner peace? With only death, blood, and destruction as the norm and a false sense of some kind of crazy expectation in the after-life, is that really enough to base a following on? Apparently enough to some.
I guess I strayed away from what I was trying to say about music, but I may as will run with it...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rock Legend Words To Live By

No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn- Jim Morrison

And it's whispered that soon, if we all call the tune, the piper will lead us to reason- Plant, Patrick. 

I'm so glad, I'm so glad, I'm glad I'm glad I'm glad- Cream

Take a straight and stronger course to the corner of your life. Make the white queen run so fast she hasn't got time to make you a wife- Chris Squire, Jon Anderson

The thing that gave me the most pain in life, psychologically, and it gave me tremendous pain psychologically, is man's disrespect for nature- Joni Mitchell 

I don't want a pickle, I just want to ride my motorcycle- Arlo Guthrie

And you see a girl's brown body dancing through the turquoise,
And her footprints make you follow where the sky loves the sea.
And when your fingers find her, she drowns you in her body,
Carving deep blue ripples in the tissues of your mind- Cream

Saving up the birds in hand
while in the bush the others land.
Take what we can before the man
says it's time to go....Ian Scott Anderson

All men are false, says my mother,
They'll tell you wicked, lovin' lies.
The very next evening, they'll court another,
Leave you alone to pine and sigh...Joan Baez

Passion or coincidence
Once prompted you to say
"Pride will tear us both apart"
Well now pride's gone out the window
Cross the rooftops
Run away...Simon Le Bon

Pointed threats, they bluff with scorn
Suicide remarks are torn
From the fools gold mouthpiece
The hollow horn plays wasted words
Proved to warn
That he not busy being born
Is busy dying...Bob Dylan